Investing In Friendships Through Parenthood

Becoming a parent means self-sacrifice.  Often, we get so busy taking children to school and to their various activities, making sure their homework is done, and ensuring that they see their friends.  Meanwhile, working, putting dinner on the table, taking care of the yard, and paying the bills tends to consume every bit of extra … Continue reading Investing In Friendships Through Parenthood

Recognizing Post Partum Depression

Warm wishes, smiling visitors, balloons, flowers, swooning family members... They say this is supposed to feel amazing, but something inside is amiss.  You don't feel right. Something doesn't feel like it should.  Gazing down at your sweet newborn, you aren't feeling the way you thought you would.  Perhaps instead of feeling energetic and wanting to … Continue reading Recognizing Post Partum Depression

Parenting Through Divorce

Almost fifteen years ago, I had the privilege of shadowing a child psychiatrist who specialized in helping parents navigate parenting through the stressful and often conflict ridden period of separation and divorce.  In her office, there were three pairs of shoes.  On each side were parent's shoes, and in the middle a pair of children's … Continue reading Parenting Through Divorce